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CHD POS software

Simple for cashier but powerful for backoffice

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CHDPOS Software is a flexible POS application that meets the increasing requirements of retailers and government tax and fiscal regulations. It is based on the latest technology and follows common retail standards.

Benefits for finance management

  • Online, ontime sales data collection
    Detailed results from promotions applied
  • Integrated payment card handling
    No separate cost for card terminals and lines 
  • Remote support
    No need for service technician to arrive in the shop
    Cost savings
  • Full stand-alone operation possible
    Do not depend on network condition
    No lost sales due to downtime
  • Based on latest technology and modular design allows to add new components without redesign the whole system
    Investment protection in the future
  • Superior performance for any check-out load
    Bigger turnover per Point Of Sale
  • Very simple user interface
    Short time needed for operator training, no PC skills needed
    Lower costs for staff

Benefits for marketing department

  • Superior performance
    increased customer satisfaction for fast service
  • Very advanced automatic promotion mechanism
    great tool for gaining customer loyalty
  • ”Find best price for customer” by combining multiple promotion rules
  • Rules-based pricing allows any type of loyalty scheme to be supported.
  • Item names up to 255 characters long
  • Abillity to print invoices
  • Wide choice of configurations according to business requirements
  • Open to special requirements (like GSM prepay code selling, video surveillance etc.)

Benefits for IT department

  • Any part of CHDPOS data and configuration is importable and exportable
    Easy setup and fast service
  • Certified EMV solution
    Approved integrated payment card solution
  • Detailed electronic journal
    (transaction log)
  • Designed to work with any BackOffice 
  • Step by step integration with BackOffice is possible
    Fast startup of project
  • Definable macro functions and remote execution
  • Full stand-alone operation possible
    Do not depend on network condition
    No need for emergency service
  • CHDPOS is based on ARTS data model